Seth Rouser
To Hold Transient MessengerAwakened by Sleep Ire and Elation
A Glimpse of What is to ComeNoctilucentTumult (study)LamentObscuredFather's Day (for E)Procession II (Veritas Virga)Procession IColossus ReverieThe Ineffable State of BeingUntitled # 6Ephemera Hands Raised to EmpyreanEmpyrean 1SerpentineUntitled #5
This series of cloudscapes were painted in oils in order to express the luminosity and ephemeral nature of the subject matter. In the work, I explore cloudscapes as a metaphor for the human experience. Clouds, of course, are always shifting in form and character; the human condition is much the same. We are all in flux throughout our lives, changed by our surroundings, by our relationships, and by our physiology. Despite this, we consider ourselves more or less a fixed entity, observing the world and our relationship to it as a continuum. Although we can see the often-drastic metamorphosis of our lives, we never-the-less remain tied to the thing we call the self. To highlight this perhaps erroneous belief, I depict this ordinarily transmogrifying subject as still. The abstract mark making, which often appears as moving, as well as the choices in layered color glazes, are intended as a visual commentary. They signify an existential reaction to our temporal experience. Encoded in these painted elements are emotional responses ranging from joy to anxiety.