Seth Rouser
FragmentsStrawberry Homage Measure and MovementMaladyThe Spirit House EchoChicIn the Wake no.2A PromiseStudy of a Horned MellonThat Which is Left UnsaidIn the Wake 1CypherPlum SongThe CorrespondenceThe Snake GameFall Vision
Through the juxtaposition of color, mark making, realistic imagery, and abstract space, this series uses the painting process as a vehicle to derive meaning. These paintings are
aesthetically analogous to collage, although all representational images were rendered from life. The image making process for these works progressed in a non-linear manner and most
began without preplanning. A found object, a group of marks, or a color field could all be of an equal impetus for evolving the painting. The outcomes from this process are idiosyncratic, yet the formal relationships within the paintings speak to something more universal.